whatsapp vs signal balancing scale
2 mins

WhatsApp vs. Signal: Which is more secure?

If both have end-to-end encryption, why is Signal the favorite for privacy?
A browser within a browser.
3 mins

What is the browser-in-the-browser (BitB) attack?

Beware a new phishing technique to steal your single sign-on password.
An open android face with film reel within.
12 mins

Best artificial intelligence movies through the ages

From Metropolis to Blade Runner and Ex Machina, we explore the history of AI in film as technology has progressed over time.
5 mins

5 common apps that put your privacy at risk

Love your coffee rewards? Time to rethink those apps.
Key with $0.
7 mins

Secure your accounts with the best free authenticator apps

We look at authentication apps that strike a balance between excellent security, functionality, and device compatibility.
Metaverse headset in a cubicle.
10 mins

Survey reveals surveillance fears over the metaverse workplace

Would you want an office in the metaverse? Workers and employers say there are benefits but also plenty of reservations when it comes to a virtual workplace.
A monitor with windows showing different personal details in a doxing campaign.
7 mins

What is doxing, and how to avoid getting doxxed

Online stalking, doxing, and cyberbullying have increased alongside the growth of the internet. But there are ways to protect yourself and your family.


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Video: What are stalkerware apps? Protect yourself from phone monitoring

Stalkerware and other forms of monitoring software are on the rise. Stay vigilant against it to protect your privacy, and your safety.